room for a birthday celebration

columbia room dc - lesley siu

For my birthday this year, I went to Columbia Room for drinks with a few friends. Tucked away in Blagden Alley, the cocktail bar has a nice punch garden perfect for enjoying the outdoors before the summer heat really sinks in. The drink list is aptly named “This is Not a Wine List” with cocktails inspired by wines. 

columbia room punch garden dc - lesley siu

Complete with Georgetown Cupcakes (thank you, Claire!) and a quick dinner at Le Diplomate, my birthday was low key and enjoyable. My goals for this year include volunteering more in my community, acing taking the GMAT, and traveling to at least three new countries. Easy, right? 

monthly milestones: july 2013

Paris Plages - life is better at the beach - Lesley Siu

Oh, July. I still don’t have the elevator pitch explanation on why I’m in Paris or what I actually do here. When thinking about this month, I realize that a lot of what I both learned and accomplished were more personal—mustering up the courage to attend an event alone, striking up conversations with strangers, maintaining relationships with friends back home, not getting bothered by my daily awkward and embarrassing moments, etc. Did I have to come to Paris for personal growth? Probably not.  Am I glad I did? Absolutely.

Last month, I…

1. Celebrated Bastille Day in Paris.

2. Traveled to Prague for the first time.

3. Caved and got addicted to Snapchat.

4. Stuck to my budget (making you proud, mom!).

5. Caught up with old friends and made a handful of new ones.

6. Established a goal to work abroad.

Although I’ll have to say à bientôt to Paris in a few weeks (!), I’m looking forward to the new experiences that August will bring… including a quick trip home before my next cosmopolitan adventure.

What did you accomplish last month? Let’s celebrate!

Study Abroad: Goals and Expectations

Melbourne, Victoria

It’s official.  In 10 days, I will depart on a cosmopolitan journey. Six months away from home and in foreign countries (no big deal, right?). To say I’m “excited” may just be an understatement, but at this point, I’m slightly overwhelmed. Researching the areas, shopping for last minute, can’t-live-without items and packing my carefully edited wardrobe into one suitcase… There’s so much to do before I leave!

A few of my goals:

1. Make the most of my internship by approaching tasks with an open mind, learning new skills in marketing and film production and contributing to the development of the company as a whole

2. Continually challenge myself to try something new

3. Establish lifelong friendships

4. Obtain a funky Australian-Glaswegian accent (just kidding…kinda)

I try not to have several expectations, but I fully expect to…

1. Get lost

2. Feel homesick (just a little)

3. Buy more than my suitcase can hold

Ten days… I can’t wait.


Photos via Lonely Planet