• toronto

    so long, summer

    It’s hard to believe summer is coming to an end.  In June, I went to Toronto — my first visit to Canada. It was a busy trip, but I’m glad I was able to catch up with a friend and try a few amazing restaurants she recommended.  July included a trip home to see my family and play with the pups. The highlight of this month was finally seeing Hamilton at the Kennedy Center. For purchasing tickets back in March, it was worth the wait. I had not heard the music before and wanted to experience the show with fresh eyes (and ears). I’m still in awe of the talent…

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  • bun bo nam bo - hanoi

    where to eat in hanoi

    I dream about the food in Vietnam. Hanoi is where the magic happens.  bun bo nam bo My favorite place is Bun Bo Nam Bo. There are only a few items on the menu – you want to order the first thing on the menu, bun bo nam bo. I mean, it’s the name of the place. How could you not? Simply put, it’s a bowl of rice vermicelli and beef. It also has a magical mixture of greens and herbs swimming in a delicious broth. For less than $3 USD a bowl, your wallet will not judge you for ordering two. Every day. Forever. The place is small, a…

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  • boston public library

    48 hours in boston

    My last-minute trips are normally due to a finding a good deal or feeling extra spontaneous. But this time, it was to support a friend in Boston who lost a loved one. I bought a ticket and boarded a plane a couple of days later.  Although it was a bittersweet trip, I was still able to enjoy being in Boston for the first time and catching up with friends. We had a lovely Italian dinner at Panza, shared yummy cannolis from Modern Pastry, and stopped for drinks at The Last Hurrah. Of course we were sold on the cozy lounge chairs, variety of drink options, and excellent window for people watching. …

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  • Life,  Travel

    2017 in review

    I traveled. Solo travels (Amsterdam, Vietnam, Hong Kong), work travels (the Philippines, Atlanta), other fun travels (Hawaii, New York, Texas), and a lot of photos along the way. I loved wandering through the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, exploring new hiking trails in Hawaii, and eating everything in Vietnam again.  Working as a photographer/videographer/producer in the Philippines was an amazing experience that challenged me professionally in the best way. I happily spent the last four months of the year traveling somewhere nearly every two weeks, including three round trips from DC across the Pacific within two months.  I learned. I took the GMAT after studying hours every day for three months.…

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  • jardin des tuileries

    sailing on

    I woke up realizing I left Paris four years ago. Four years. A (college) lifetime. Has much changed? After several solo trips abroad, my first job, and making my first apartment into a home, I feel like many things have changed. Yet many of the realizations I had that summer are still the same. Still confident yet terrified. Still alone but not lonely. Still a firm believer in the kindness of strangers.  Since then, I’ve kept the Paris dream alive by visiting every year and taking several French classes to improve my language skills. While I still don’t know what’s next, I’m still optimistic as ever. 

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  • dc greens - lesley siu

    locally grown

    Growing up: signing up to volunteer as your birthday activity. I spent the evening volunteering with a nonprofit at their local urban farm. It’s interesting getting into the weeds (literally) of food access and education in DC. I will also be at farmers markets throughout the summer to help low-income community members access fresh produce. With all of the conflict and negativity in the world right now, how could I sit at home waiting for change? I’m looking forward to continuing to take action in my community. Baby steps.

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